Ohio residents who have minor injuries or infections are treated at MD1 Stop Urgent Care. All locations are open 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 4pm (Saturday & Sunday). Please view the list of our dedicated insurance partners.

Screening & Monitoring

Doctors are MD1 Urgent Care believes that everyone should prioritise health screening since they help identify diseases in people who may not initially exhibit any symptoms. Unlike diagnostic tests, which are carried out once symptoms have manifested, health screens place a strong emphasis on preventive care.

Common Ailments

Although self-medication is frequently used to treat common ailments, this shouldn't be the case. When left untreated, a minor illness could develop into a serious health problem. Therefore, it's crucial to seek competent medical care as soon as possible to address the problem. MD1Stop welcomes walk-in visits.

Minor Injuries

Have a minor injury that could be treated with first aid instead of going to the hospital? Visit MD1 Stop and receive prompt medical attention for small wounds. For minor burns, dislocations, wounds, and other internal and external medical traumas, we offer emergency care at MD1 Stop.

Pediatric Care

Kids become sick during the season change, as we all know. Although we believe it is our duty as parents to shield our children. Your child may become ill due to a quick trip and tumble or a cold infection. When that happens, Come see us in Lewis Center, Ohio, for prompt paediatric care.

Adult Illnesses

We get immune to certain ailments as we age. But as we grow older, our bodies also become more vulnerable to certain types of illnesses. These range from less serious disorders like gastritis side effects to more severe ones like gout or arthritis. We offer urgent care at MD1Stop for all minor adult ailments.

Skin Conditions

Here at MD1 Stop Urgent Care, we provide the most cutting-edge skin care procedures. After carefully analysing your skin type, our Skin Care Specialists will create a precise and effective treatment plan for your specific skin issue. To begin right away, stop by our walk-in clinic in Lewis Center, Ohio.

Occupational Services

MD1 Stop provides employers with a wide range of health services aimed at maximising the productivity of your prized staff members. Our services, which have a particular emphasis on workers' compensation claims, support the continued health of your employees and their return to work


Getting a sports physical enables medical professionals to check for health issues and provide age-appropriate recommendations, reducing the risk of illness or injury. At the time of the child's yearly physical, the child's preparticipation physical form can be completed.