Adult Illnesses

As we grow older, we develop immunity to several illnesses. But our body becomes equally prone to new sorts of diseases or ailments later in life. These include minor illnesses like gastritis or medication side effects to more serious conditions such as arthritis or gout. At MD1Stop, we provide urgent care for all major minor adult illnesses. Our board-certified doctor will perform diagnostics to examine the underlying cause, followed by immediate treatment.


Tension and anxiety are among the most common adult illnesses. Like many other mental illnesses, seeking proper medical care for anxiety in adults is also neglected. But let us tell you its severity: Ignoring anxiety may result in its more severe form, i.e., depression. So, if you’re facing sudden anxiety chills or constant emotional pressure for no apparent reason, visit MD1Stop for proper examination and treatment today.


Arthritis is a common name for over a hundred conditions that refer to the inflammation of joints. Although the reason for arthritis varies with the type of disease, the most common one is autoimmunity. Gout is another form of arthritis that is severely painful and requires urgent care when the symptoms get worse. At MD1Stop, we provide urgent medical care for arthritis and gout. Visit our walk-in clinic in Lewis Center, Ohio for quick relief from arthritis-related pain.

Colitis and Gastritis

Gastritis refers to the swelling of the stomach lining. If your stomach hurts after eating spicy foods and intaking carbonated drinks, chances are you might have gastritis. Colitis, on the other hand, is a more severe chronic disease that refers to the inflammation of the colon’s inner lining. Although it requires long-term treatment, if you’re facing warning signs of colitis (diarrhea with blood, rectal bleeding & abdominal pain), visit MD1Stop for quick short-term relief. Our physician will thoroughly examine the condition and will suggest the best long-term treatment plan.

Hypertension and Migraine

Do you have recurring migraines but don’t know the underlying cause? Hypertension can be one of the major causes of chronic migraine. But it’s the other way around too. Recurring migraines can make you susceptible to high blood pressure too. So, all in all, migraines and HBP are closely interrelated and should be treated immediately. Get instant relief from migraine due to hypertension at MD1Stop in Lewis Center, Ohio, through proper medication and a definitive course of treatment.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones may develop at any age, but individuals above the age of 30 have an increased risk. Common symptoms include pain in the flank, groin, sides, and below ribs. The treatment for small kidney stones usually involves a combination of pain relievers and alpha blockers to pass the stone more easily. But the treatment greatly varies depending on the size of the stone. If you’ve developed the basic symptoms of kidney stones, drink plenty of fluids to help them pass. The best practice is to visit our walk-in urgent care clinic for quick diagnosis and effective treatment of Pediatric Care.

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