Common Ailments

Common illnesses might be considered ordinary and often be dealt with via self-medication, but this shouldn’t be the case. A common ailment, when left unattended, might turn into a severe health issue. So, seeking professional medical attention is important to timely deal with the issue. We provide efficient care for a wide array of common ailments including allergies, infections, colds & stomach flu, laryngitis, ENT, hemorrhoids, swimmers ear, and more. Walk-in appointments are welcome here at MD1Stop for all common ailment issues and also Minor Injuries.

Allergies & Infections

MD1Stop provides complete treatment for different allergies and infections. Get walk-in urgent care for infections ranging from allergies to various sorts of infections. These include:
  • Eye infection
  • Sty
  • Ear infections
  • Lungs infection/Bronchitis
  • Swimmers ears
  • Allergies due to insect/bee stings
  • Splinter removal and more…

Colds, Influenza & Sinusitis

Get reliable and urgent care for the common cold, influenza, stomach flu, and sinus infection at MD1Stop. If you’re suffering from a constant runny nose combined with dizziness, fatigue, and a sudden onset of fever, you might be having flu. Visit our clinic immediately for a quick flu diagnosis followed by a reliable treatment.

Sore Throat & Laryngitis

Got a sore throat? At MD1Stop, our board-certified doctor will do a quick examination of your throat for a timely diagnosis of the underlying cause. The symptoms like red tonsils, scratchy sensation, painful cough, and hoarseness may also hint at laryngitis, which may get worse over time when left untreated and uncared for.

Hemorrhoids & Diarrhea

In addition to the basic cure for diarrhea, we at MD1Stop also treat worsened forms of diarrhea and rectal issues, the most common of which is Hemorrhoids. If there’s rectal bleeding alongside a burning sensation, this might hint at the likelihood of hemorrhoids or piles.  We provide quick and short-term treatment for Hemorrhoids.

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Our insurance partners give you unbiased information about urgent care alternatives so you may choose the plans that are appropriate for your particular, special circumstances.

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