Minor Injuries

Got a minor injury that could be cured with first aid without having to visit the emergency room? Visit MD1 Stop and get immediate treatment for minor injuries. We provide immediate care for minor cuts, burns, dislocation, and other internal & external medical injuries. At MD1, you never have to wait in long queues for work injuries, as you can book an appointment over the call beforehand, and get minor injury first aid right from the moment you enter our clinic. These are the conditions that we actively provide care for here at our minor injuries clinic near Lewis Center, Ohio:

Sports Injury

Did you slip and fell, twist a joint, or receive a blow during that vigorous sporting activity? Well, these all result in sports injuries but you don’t have to worry about them. That’s because they mostly result in just a minor sports injury and can be taken care of at our walk-in sports injury clinic. We have an expert sports injury doctor near Lewis Center, OH to deal with any kind of issues such as strain, spasms, concussion, and others. Take early appointments with our sport injury doctors in Lewis Center prior to visiting our clinic.


Burns are indeed painful, regardless of the degree of a burn or nature (sunburn, thermal burns, radiation burns, etc.). The first and second-degree burns that affect the outer layer and dermis (partial thickness) are categorized as minor injuries and can be treated with walk-in health assistance or first aid. So, if you have suffered a minor burn injury that appears red, swollen, and blistered, call us to book an appointment and get our minor injuries first aid service in Lewis Center, OH right away.


The basic functioning of your body largely depends on joints, and any joint can get dislocated owing to any major to minor reason. The resultant pain can be both mild and insufferable. For instance, a minor dislocated kneecap can be painful when walking up stairs, so a quick fix is indeed required. At MD1, we diagnose all minor dislocations on an immediate basis, thanks to the X-ray facility, followed by an efficient treatment, these include:
  • Minor dislocated knee
  • Minor finger dislocation
  • Minor dislocated wrist
  • Minor shoulder dislocation
  • Elbow and hip dislocation


A bone fracture is indeed scary and might trigger panic in you. But not all bone fractures are scary or require emergency treatment. A minor fracture such as a minor ankle fracture, nose, heel, or jaw can be diagnosed and treated at our walk-in clinic immediately. If you tripped and fell and sensed a fractured minor broken nose, visit us in Lewis Center, OH, tell us all the details, and we’ll book an immediate appointment for you. Likewise, a minor jaw fracture or minor fractured ankle can also be cured immediately based on its extent.

Minor Eye Problems

Got a minor eye problem? Never wait for long and visit our walk-in clinic in Lewis Center, Ohio for quick eye treatment. The most common eye problem is dry eye which includes a wide array of minor eye issues such as burning, itching, blurred vision, and light sensitivity. If you’ve got any of these issues, reach out to MD1 Stop today.


Sprains and strains frequently occur in individuals of almost any age. Sprains occur mostly in the ankle, wrist, and knee, and are associated with a damaged or torn ligament. Visit MD1 Stop in Lewis Center, Ohio if you’ve got a minor ankle sprain or a minor knee sprain; we provide ideal treatment for minor sprains with compression, icing, and other physiotherapy techniques. Although the minor sprained ankle recovery time is estimated to be less than a week. But our physiotherapist will ensure quick relief via specific exercises.


Laceration refers to a cut or tear in the skin. It’s a minor injury only as long as the upper layer of the skin is torn and the fat & muscle layers aren’t affected. For such a laceration involving any part of the body such as eyelid laceration, lip laceration & others, our urgent care option should be the best one for you.


What is a minor injury?

A minor injury can be any sort of a problem that doesn’t require you to visit an emergency room, but rather can be cured at a walk-in clinic. Common minor injuries include burns, dislocations, minor fractures, bruises, strains, etc.

Is a broken bone a minor injury?

A broken bone can be a minor or major injury, but the classification largely depends on the area of the fracture and the extent of the crack. Unless it’s not the neck or back, and the skin isn’t pierced, the injury is likely to be a minor one.

Are ankle sprains really among minor injuries?

Ankle sprains are mostly characterized as minor injuries since quick relief is indeed possible with compression techniques and a few exercises.

What sport has the most injuries?

Soccer causes the most sports injuries since the game involves continuous and vigorous running for a long time.

How to prevent sports injuries?

For acute injuries, you need to wear safety equipment for the utmost prevention from blows. For chronic injuries, you need to work out regularly, take proper rest, and increase stamina & flexibility.

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