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Health screenings should be a priority for everyone, as they detect disease early in people who may not originally show any symptoms. Health screenings focus on preventive care, in contrast to diagnostic tests, which are done after symptoms appear. At MD1 Stop, we provide different types of health screening & monitoring services to make sure you’re completely fit or get physically fit as quickly as possible if you’re asymptomatic. These are the screening services that we actively perform at MD1 Stop:

Injury Management

Following a work-related injury, MD1 offers the injured employee medical attention and a return-to-work programme that will promote a secure and rapid recovery. Work-related injuries have been treated for years by MD1 clinicians who have experience. We keep in touch with companies throughout the injury and treatment process, minimizing disruption to business while navigating the workers’ compensation system.

1. First Report of Injury

2. Lacerations

3. Chemical Exposure

4. Sprains, Strains, Fractures

Health Services & Physical Exams

For nearly every industrial demand, we are experts in providing complete testing and medical examinations connected to work-related healthcare. Our objective is to keep an eye on your employee’s health and safety, so they work as efficiently as possible and are “ready for work.” Our physical examinations and health services are organized to comply with DOT, OSHA, and other regulatory agencies’ legal requirements.
  • Vaccination
  • X-Rays
  • Breath Alchohol Test
  • Respirator Fit Test
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Fit for Duty/Return-to-Work Exams
  • Asbestos and Silica Exams
  • Hazmat Exam
  • Non-DOT Physical Exam
  • DOT Physical Exam

Drug Screening

Our medical professionals are dedicated to working with employers to maintain a secure, efficient workplace. We test for drugs and alcohol with the utmost accuracy and expertise. Our objective is to give companies the confidence that their personnel is “clean,” which may help lower liability expenses.
  • On-site Testing
  • Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Certified Medical Review Officer
  • Non-DOT Drug Testing (Saliva, Hair and Urine)
  • DOT Drug Testing

Our Insurance Partner

Our insurance partners give you unbiased information about urgent care alternatives so you may choose the plans that are appropriate for your particular, special circumstances.

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