Pediatric Care

We all know kids get sick. As parents, we feel like it’s our job to protect them from anything and everything that comes their way, but sometimes the unthinkable happens. A sudden trip and fall or a cold virus can get your child feeling under the weather. That’s when MD1Stop Urgent Care can step in and warmly care for your child until they are back to full health again! Got a health issue with your child or just don’t know what’s bothering him or her? Visit us in Lewis Center, Ohio, and get immediate pediatric care right away. These are among the common issues that we provide pediatric care for:

Respiratory Illness

Get complete treatment for any respiratory illness your child might be facing, from asthma and bronchitis to influenza and more. Our physicians will be quick to diagnose the exact issue concerning your child’s respiratory health, followed by rapid treatment.

Minor Injuries in Children

Has your child suffered minor burns or met an accident resulting in minor fractures? We offer a quick and efficient treatment for all minor injuries bothering your child. So, visit our clinic in Lewis Center, Ohio, and get pediatric care for minor injuries right away.

Common Illnesses in Children

Aside from minor injuries and respiratory issues, we also provide complete care for common illnesses in children, including dehydration, diarrhea, fevers, headaches, common cold, rashes, sore throats, continuous vomiting, also Screening & Monitoring  and many more.

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Our insurance partners give you unbiased information about urgent care alternatives so you may choose the plans that are appropriate for your particular, special circumstances.

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