Screening & Monitoring

Health screenings should be a priority for everyone, as they detect disease early in people who may not originally show any symptoms. Health screenings focus on preventive care, in contrast to diagnostic tests, which are done after symptoms appear. At MD1 Stop, we provide different types of health screening & monitoring services to make sure you’re completely fit or get physically fit as quickly as possible if you’re asymptomatic. These are the screening services that we actively perform at MD1 Stop:

Blood Pressure

The high blood pressure symptoms do not tend to show up much often. So, it’s important to get regular screenings for high blood pressure, i.e., hypertension, especially if you already face the relevant issues.


Have an issue with high blood cholesterol, or essentially the high concentrations of LDL cholesterol? It’s important to monitor your LDL-Cholesterol levels even if the symptoms do not tend to appear so as to maintain good heart health.


Battling with Diabetes and want regular screening and monitoring of your blood sugar levels? Visit MD1 Stop to get regular checkups on the spot. In case you want regular monitoring, you can schedule your Diabetes tests for later as well.


Get BMI Screening services at MD1 Stop. A normal or healthy weight is crucial to maintain good overall health. So, keep regular checks on your weight if your body appears to be underweight or overweight. Call us today for more information on our BMI screening services.

Our Insurance Partner

Our insurance partners give you unbiased information about urgent care alternatives so you may choose the plans that are appropriate for your particular, special circumstances.

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