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At MD1Stop Urgent Care, our vision is to be the foremost choice for immediate medical care in Lewis Center, Ohio, setting the standard for excellence in urgent health services. We strive to innovate and expand our offerings to provide a comprehensive healthcare experience that is both accessible and exceptional. Our goal is to cultivate a healthier community by delivering patient-centered care that encompasses the latest in medical advancements and compassionate service. We envision a future where our dedication to health creates a lasting impact, ensuring that every individual has the support they need to lead a vibrant, healthy life.

We are founded on values that put the patient first, ensuring exceptional care, quality customer service, and an unwavering dedication to patient safety. These pillars stand at the core of our operations, reflecting our dedication to not just meet but exceed the healthcare expectations of our community. At MD1Stop Urgent Care, we don’t just treat patients; we nurture a healthier tomorrow for Lewis Center and beyond.




At MD1Stop Urgent Care, we are proud to have Dr. Abid Rana, a seasoned family medicine specialist, as a pivotal part of our healthcare team. With over 18 years of extensive experience in the medical field, Dr. Rana brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and expertise to our practice.

A trusted pillar in the community, Dr. Rana’s presence at MD1Stop signifies our clinic’s dedication to excellence. His extensive medical experience, coupled with a genuine passion for family health, ensures that every patient receives personalized and effective care.

Join us at MD1Stop Urgent Care to experience the compassionate care of Dr. Abid Rana, MD, and our team of dedicated healthcare professionals. Together, we strive to keep our community healthy, one family at a time.

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